Covenant Life University

Online & Non-Resident Programs

Online ClassesThe external studies program consists of courses that are taken by way of CD, DVD or the traditional method. These courses were taught previously at various institutions. The program does not follow an academic calendar, and thus can begin at any time. Unless prerequisites are explicitly stated, these courses offered by Covenant Life University may be taken in any sequence. There is a time limit for completing each individual course by CD or DVD of four (4) months.

The courses for the external studies program are taken one at a time and consist of:

How Does the COVENANT LIFE UNIVERSITY External Studies Program Work?

Specific Degrees / Resident Requirements

All of the degrees offered by COVENANT LIFE UNIVERSITY are able to be pursued externally. Course requirements at Covenant Life University may be fulfilled by taking courses offered periodically on campus (intensive or traditional). Though normally a student in the program will take only one course at a time, one may take an intensive course while enrolled in an external studies course.