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Admissions Procedures

AdmissionsCovenant Life University welcomes applications for admission from prospective students who possess the qualifications the institution considers necessary for those anticipating Christian service or a position in Marketplace ministry. Application packets may be obtained at the CLU campus and online at Applicants are welcome to contact CLU to discuss the CLU programs. Formal admission is required of all students intending to pursue studies at CLU.

General Requirements

Admission to Covenant Life University is governed by procedures developed by the faculty Academic Committee. The prospective student is assessed according to academic background, moral character, personal testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ, and a sincere desire to study the Scriptures, If the applicant meets the required standards in these areas, he is admitted to the institution on a semester-to-semester basis.

Admission Policy

Covenant Life University admits male or female students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to students by our administrative or educational policies.

Initial Application Procedure

Communications regarding admission should be directed to the Registrar of CLU. The items listed below constitute an applicant's credentials upon which a decision for admission is based. Notification of the action regarding an application is sent shortly after the receipt of all the items.

Ability to Benefit

The following individuals may apply for enrollment at CLU if they satisfy the requirements of the “ability-to-benefit” provision. Typically, all individuals will have received a high school diploma or an equivalent before enrolling in CLU. The following individuals who have not completed high school may submit applications for enrollment if they satisfy the requirements stated below. This provision is known as the “ability-to-benefit” provision. Its primary purpose is to ensure that students are capable of completing courses of study and that they and the ministries they serve will benefit from their studies at CLU. Applicants must have been self-supporting for a minimum of ten years or age thirty. These individuals, if accepted as credit/graded students, will be admitted in an “academic probation” status for 15 semester hours. They must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher through these 15 hours in order to have the probationary status dropped. Applications for individuals to be admitted under this provision require approval by the Academic Dean of CLU. If the application is not approved, the application fee will be returned with a letter of explanation. If the application is approved, a copy of the approval will be sent to the president.

Early Enrollment

Under this provision, high school seniors may be approved to audit classes or take them for credit/grade. High school juniors may be approved to audit CLU courses. Other high school students may be approved to attend as observers. Other individuals 18 years of age or older who have not completed high school or an equivalent may be approved to audit or take classes for credit.


Each student must declare his or her status before each course begins and pay appropriate tuition fees. A student may declare credit status, audit status or observer status. A student who is not enrolled properly is not allowed to remain in CLU classes.

Credit Status

Credit status is defined as a student who is an enrolled student, who participates in the class, completes all assignments by the instructor, submits an examination and receives a recorded grade. Credit/graded students pay full tuition fees according to the established financial schedule of CLU. Information about fees may be obtained from CLU. Credit students are required to complete a final examination and other assignments.

Audit Status

Audit status is defined as a student who is officially enrolled as an "audit" student, who participates in the class without completing assignments by the instructor or submitting a final examination. Audit students receive "audit credit" recorded in CLU. All audit students must have an application on file in CLU. This standing is offered to CLU students because audit credit has important merit as life experience education. Audit students pay audit fees according to the established financial schedule. Audit students may not convert an audited course to a credit course at a later date. Audit students are required to retake a course as a credit student in order to receive credit, or successfully challenge the course examination.

Personal Enrichment Status

Personal Enrichment status is defined as a student who only attends the class sessions. Personal Enrichment students are hearers only. They are not required to have a completed application on file. Personal Enrichment students pay no tuition fee. Personal Enrichment students have no transcript records at CLU. They must pay the Personal Enrichment fee of $45.00 and will receive course material (text book and syllabus). They may not have access to the examination.

Guest Students

Guest Students Potential students may temporarily sit in a course as a guest. In such cases, a guest must be "sitting in" a class to determine whether or not to enroll as a student. Guests may be allowed to remain for up to three one-hour class periods of one course only. This is limited to one occurrence per individual guest.

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