Covenant Life University

Standards of Conduct

In this day of disappearing moral absolutes, it is imperative that all Christians be reminded that the Bible, as the revelation of God's truth, must determine not only our doctrinal beliefs but also our lifestyle. In a changing world, the Christian has an unchanging standard, the Word of God. CLU's STANDARDS OF CONDUCT are based on the teachings and principles of Scripture, seeking to develop personal holiness and discipline exemplified in a lifestyle glorifying to God.

CLU offers education with a distinctive purpose. Included in that purpose is a student's total growth and development in preparation for Christian life and service. We are interested not only in imparting knowledge, but also in teaching biblical values and a lifestyle which promotes the tradition of conservative evangelical local churches.

CLU is committed to the highest standards of Christian conduct required to fulfill our stated purpose. In order to do this, clearly defined standards and regulations are necessary. The following abbreviated Standards of Conduct are intended to guide students who matriculate here. It is also expected that board members, administrators, faculty and staff members also serve as exemplars in modeling the lifestyle set forth. Continued affiliation by board members, administration, faculty and students is considered a continual pledge to follow the Standards of Conduct.

The following Standards of Conduct are practiced by the CLU community:

I understand that my involvement in Christian work requires my personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and separation from sin. I further realize that as a member of the CLU community, I represent the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as the university. I am aware that the scripture prohibits certain sins (such as stealing, lying, gossiping, backbiting, profane language, drunkenness, sexual immorality, occult practices, cheating and attitudes such as pride, lust, bitterness, jealousy, and an unforgiving spirit) which are to be avoided. In addition, I understand that certain types of activities are questionable and will avoid these activities as determined by the university for testimony's sake. As a member of the CLU family, I pledge myself to the following commitments: