Covenant Life University

Transfer of Credits

It is the policy of Covenant Life University to consider for transfer credit earned in a regular college or university or other college-level institution. Courses acceptable for transfer must be similar in content to those replaced in the chosen program of study at Covenant Life University. Courses which are not similar may be transferred if they are deemed to be beneficial to the students chosen ministry career. Only those credits which carry a grade of at least “C” or its equivalent may be transferred. In order to request consideration for life experience credits or for practicum credit (for undergraduates only), the applicant must submit a full resume showing dates of ministry and full responsibilities involved. Verification from a recognizable authority must accompany each ministry assignment.

Each institute of higher learning, including Covenant Life University, reserves its sovereign right to determine the credits it will transfer in toward its degree programs. Therefore, Covenant Life University cannot represent its credits will transfer. The student must make that determination by checking with the institution to which they may want to transfer credits. The maximum credit awarded for transfer credits is three semester credits per course, up to the maximum of 90 of the total credit hours required for the graduate degree program.

Academic Appeal

CLU students have the right of academic appeal if they wish to dispute an examination grade. The student shall request an “Academic Appeal Form” and submit it to the Registrar to request a review of the examination in question and submit it within 5 days after the end of the class. An examination feedback report reflecting examination questions, correct answers and explanations will be sent upon request. Should a disagreement continue after the above steps are completed, appeal may be forwarded to the Academic Committee of CLU. The ruling of the Academic Committee will be considered final.

Transcript Requests

CLU students may request an official transcript by: 1. Requesting a transcript request form from the Registrar of CLU. This form must be signed by the President/Academic Dean. 2. Submitting the form with payment of $10.00 per copy requested. 3. Generally these requests will be processed within 30 days.